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As corporate telecoms environments become more complex with mobile and unified communications as well as 5G and SD-WAN deployments, effectively managing telecom expenses is a key component of competitive advantage. Taking a strategic view to optimise wireless, voice, and data services with Telecom Expense Management (TEM), companies can better control the costs and performance of the telecoms environment.


Track and control telecom expenses 

TEM solutions provide businesses with the tools to track and control telecom spending, optimise service usage, and negotiate better contracts, helping improve operational efficiency and significantly reducing costs. With clearer insights into telecom spending, you can adjust your plans and services to match your actual needs, avoiding paying for unused or underutilised services.

TEM tools allow your business to monitor and control expenditures, invoices, service levels, and policies across your entire telecoms environment. Embedded reporting tools offer deep insights into telecom spending, highlighting trends, and identifying opportunities for further optimisation. This visibility is critical for informed decision-making, allowing companies to tailor their TEM strategies to their unique business needs.


Whitepaper: TEM


imei Expense Manager for TEM-focused business intelligence 

Helping businesses manage this increasingly complex ecosystem of telecom-related assets and services, imei Expense Manager is our TEM-focused business intelligence managed service. Designed to help you gain control of your telecom technology expenses, it helps provide management oversight and control of communication technology challenges and provides actionable insights to drive productivity and reduce unnecessary telecom spending.

With a unified view of your company’s telecom expenses, imei Expense Manager gives you a break down of telecom costs in granular detail, providing the visibility for data-informed decision-making. With this insight, your managers can identify trends, allocate budgets more effectively, and plan strategically for future telecom needs.


imei Expense Manager provides:

  • Visualised data-driven insights for policies, profiles, and reconciliation
  • Reporting across mobile, fixed lines, and WAN
  • Monthly analytics, including call type, data usage, intra-fleet, and filter-based analyses
  • Secure access as defined by the organisation


Reduce unnecessary telecom spending 

Through imei Expense Manager, you can analyse usage and spend reports by business unit or end-user and dig into interactive monthly summary usage reports with click-through functionality. 

This managed service also takes care of routine and non-critical telecom-related expense management tasks such as invoice processing, inventory management, and bill dispute handling.


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Whitepaper: TEM

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