Mobile Threat Management: Safeguarding Your Devices in a Connected World

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According to the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), cyberattacks on businesses increase in frequency and severity each year, making it crucial to safeguard your devices with mobile threat management services. imei helps organisations with end-to-end mobile device management services that incorporate mobile threat detection, prevention and remediation.


Benefits of Mobile Threat Management

Our aim is focusing on early detection and minimisation of cyber security threats impacting mobile devices. This ensures your organisation is better protected against security breaches, intellectual property theft, ransomware attacks and unauthorised access of sensitive information. 

With our security protocols in place, you can enjoy the convenience of tailored mobile device management while ensuring compliance with data security and information policy and privacy and confidentiality regulations. This provides staff and management with the peace of mind of secure access to corporate data anytime, anywhere across all mobile devices in your organisation’s fleet.


Mobile Data Security


How Does Mobile Threat Detection Work?

The first step is to identify and strategically manage your organisation’s susceptibilities to mobile security threats. These vulnerability assessments aim to prevent problems before they arise by proactively identifying, minimising and mitigating mobile cyber security risks through a step-by-step process: 

  • Assessing your digital infrastructure and connected devices, including mobile devices in your fleet as well as connected IoT devices and cloud-based infrastructure. 
  • Identifying crucial vulnerabilities such as databases containing sensitive information or customer-facing applications.
  • Developing a remediation strategy based on the severity of vulnerabilities and potential for exploitation. 
  • Recommending adjustments to organisational policy, security measures and controls in response to current and changing cyber threat conditions.

Our team undertakes a comprehensive analysis into your network, identifying risks and vulnerabilities across all mobile devices, applications, networked hosts, services, systems, configurations and policy to ensure we have a comprehensive overview of potential threats and security risks.


Remediation and Cyberattack Support

Our highly experienced mobile data security technicians find a suitable approach to strategically manage your organisation’s specific vulnerabilities and threat level. When a security incident does occur, our incident response team offers 24/7 support to quickly limit, prevent and reverse damage where possible by isolating affected devices and networks to limit the progression of attacks.

Once the incident is resolved, we can also gather relevant information such as logs, errors and other resources to help inform future mitigation strategies and determine any next steps required for compliance, such as the process for informing customers of data breaches. Our team will analyse and document the incident for your management and technical teams, discussing ways to improve your security posture going forward.


Proactive Mobile Threat Management and Support

imei simplifies mobile data security, incorporating it within our mobile device management services. As a Telstra Platinum Partner, we are compliant with the Australian Cyber Security Essential Eight information security standards and take a proactive role in assessing the latest cybersecurity threats and finding effective mitigation strategies. Contact us today to learn more.


Mobile Data Security

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