Add-on Modules for imei’s New Mobile Management Service Offering

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As part of our new modular managed mobility services that come in three simple and flexible management tiers, you get to design mobility management for your exact needs by selecting from a wide range of unique and innovative service add-on modules.


Priority Service

Offering enhanced response times, priority phone and case support, as well as 24x7 support for lost and stolen devices, our Priority Service add-on gives you personalised engagement through a dedicated Service Delivery Manager to coordinate support resources.


Buffer Stock Management

With ongoing supply chain challenges, getting hold of the latest mobile devices in significant numbers from Apple and Samsung has never been more difficult. One way to mitigate this risk is with our buffer stock management service add-on. We manage an inventory (typically amounting to about 10% of your total device requirements) to ensure exceptional or unpredictable shortages or demands can be met with some degree of certainty.


Hot Swap Management

Because we support the full mobile device lifecycle, you can count on our help when a device fails, is broken or lost. With the hot-swap management add-on, you ensure your users can keep working while we orchestrate the repairs in the background. With this add-on service you reduce downtime for your staff giving them a new device while theirs is in for repair.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Essential for any mobile fleet, our Mobile Device Management (MDM) add-on module helps ensure mobile devices are compliant with corporate mobile policies, and prevents unauthorised access to corporate data.


Mobile Threat Management (MTM)

The Mobile Threat Management (MTM) add-on provides an extra security layer for unmanaged devices with proven processes to design, build, maintain, manage, support and report on cybersecurity within your business.


Telecoms Expense Manager

As costs for voice, data, and mobile services grow significantly and billing becomes more complex, our Telecoms Expense Manager (TEM) add-on module helps you gain control of your telecom technology expenses and identifies ways to eliminate unnecessary spend.


BYOD Manager

Streamlining BYOD management, our BYOD Manager add-on module provides a central platform to manage devices and enforce corporate settings and configurations on employees’ personal devices.


End User Support

With this add-on service, all your staff gain access to imei support services directly mitigating the need to run all support requests through your team’s dedicated admin.


These targeted add-on modules are available with our three new tiered managed mobility services:

Tier 1: imei Connect – AMC carrier services plus imei Intelligence Dashboard

Tier 2: imei Lifecycle – Telstra Adaptive Mobility Managed Service device lifecycle management plus an experienced Service Delivery Manager and imei Intelligence Dashboard

Tier 3: imei Lifecycle Pro – Full device lifecycle management service as per imei Lifecycle with embedded Buffer Stock Management, Priority Service, and imei Professional Services Fund.


Explore further our new add-on modules, or get in touch to find out more about our new managed mobility offering.

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