Unlocking the Power of Mobile Device Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide

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Choosing the right mobile solutions for your organisation is key to ensuring efficiency, productivity and security. With a range of mobile devices and fleet solutions available, finding the right solution is key to reducing costs and maximising business opportunities. imei specialises in helping organisations unlock the power of mobile intelligence, ensuring valuable insights are extracted from unified data.


Understanding Mobile Intelligence

Mobile devices play a key role in data collection, analysis and business success in today’s digital landscape. With more staff working while on the move and from home, extracting insights about how your mobile device fleet is working helps you gain clear visibility over your communications

Mobile device intelligence provides an actionable, detailed view of key components like hardware, software and data. The key is generating a better understanding of how team members use mobile devices to extract insights on potential performance improvements, cost savings and security risks. 


Applications and Use Cases

Various industries, from retail to finance and healthcare, are capable of leveraging mobile intelligence to improve decision-making. This includes real-time data across hundreds or thousands of mobile devices tracking:

  • Product shipments and delivery
  • Software or hardware procurement
  • Support requests made, in progress and completed
  • Enquiry response times
  • Utilisation of specific apps, programs and tools
  • Data usage

imei allows organisations to view this information on our intuitive intelligence dashboard, which compiles data sets from every mobile device. This provides cohesive visibility, allowing you to identify gaps, service utilisation, data consumption rates and overall spending so you can adjust your mobile fleet strategy as required. 


Technologies Driving Mobile Device Intelligence

Mobile intelligence achieves visibility by incorporating technologies like GPS, sensors, NFC, Bluetooth and network signals to detect, collect and analyse how devices are being used. This provides valuable insights on everything from tracking leads to detecting fraudulent activity. User behaviour signals and network signals like IP geolocation, VPN detection, bot detection and browser tamper detection make it easier to uncover spam, irrelevant data and malicious actors. 


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Data Security and Privacy Considerations

When your organisation has a fleet of hundreds or even thousands of mobile devices, protecting sensitive data collected from mobile devices is crucial. This is relevant both in terms of business continuity as well as meeting any regulatory compliance requirements around user privacy and customer data. 

Mobile intelligence simplifies risk assessment, making it easier to adopt internal controls over who connects to your company data, what permissions different users have and which mobile devices are authorised to access sensitive information. By gaining visibility over who has access to critical data, apps and resources, you can protect your organisation’s network integrity, accessibility and confidentiality. 


Tools and Platforms for Mobile Intelligence

imei simplifies mobile intelligence by revealing the current effectiveness of your mobile fleet and network infrastructure for voice and data. This helps you reduce security risks and better control costs with a detailed overview of how everything is set up and working, including:

  • Risk assessments across access control, authentication and infrastructure
  • Insights into network capacity and usage
  • Performance assessments across WAN, LAN, applications and core servers
  • Cost-benefit analysis of carrier and billed telecommunications services
  • Insights into current and future business needs
  • Short-term implementations to save costs and boost effectiveness
  • Evidence-driven business cases for technology investments

With our tools, your organisation can address challenges like data accuracy, device compatibility and integration complexities. Overcome limitations and maximise the potential of your mobile fleet with our mobile intelligence solutions. To learn how imei can help your organisation, contact us today.


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