Future of Collaboration: Unified Communications as a Service

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Unified communications integrates a selection of communication channels into one platform. This enables employees to call, chat or video through one system, simplifying the communication process. The availability of such services helps workers to better connect, improving the efficiency with which they can organise conference calls, collaborations, and messaging. As we become more technologically advanced, it is essential that we find ways to further increase efficiency and productivity on our devices. imei offers unified communications as a service, which is an effective way to keep both internal and external stakeholders better connected and to move forward in the workplace. 


Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified communications are highly flexible, streamlining operations by removing the need to communicate in person and enabling coworkers to seamlessly contact one another through the convenience of their device. This means that remote and international team members can be included in meetings. Utilising the same system throughout the company ensures that everyone has the same options when contacting one another. Travel costs are reduced as collaborators can work from anywhere, and productivity is boosted as employees can efficiently respond to communications throughout the day. 


CEO's Guide to UC


Support for Staff

Remote work and international collaborations benefit highly from UCaaS, as users can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Staff are no longer limited to the office, yet a unified communication system keeps all employees working closely together. In the modern workplace, being able to seamlessly connect with colleagues simplifies the work day. A quick message or video call can promote understanding, collaboration and productivity, getting tasks completed sooner and to a higher standard. Staff will feel more supported when they can easily reach out to one another. Additionally, the secure sharing and editing of documents across an online platform means that confidential or important data can be shared in a safe manner. 


imei and Unified Communications

Unified communications help to simplify operations, and imei has developed a system to keep your people working together effectively. By streamlining communications in the workplace, coworking teams become more productive, thus reducing costs, time and confusion whilst improving efficiency. Employees can contact each other from any location, meaning no team member is hindered by distance. imei’s unified communications as a service allows you to securely share and edit documents internally or externally, whilst offering advanced call handling and mobile integration. If you are considering updating your communications system, look into our offerings. 

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CEO's Guide to UC

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