Enhancing Network Security: The Benefits of Managed Services for SD-WAN and Cradlepoint Deployments

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Improve network control, visibility, performance and security with a Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solution. Unlike older WAN technology, SD-WAN is controlled through a software application that allows for the creation of a more dynamic and intelligent WAN environment. 

By deploying cutting-edge SD-WAN technology such as Cradlepoint, your organisation can dramatically improve bandwidth utilisation and application performance while enhancing network security.  provide SD-WAN deployments as part of our managed network services, helping to provide organisations with more flexibility and control. 


How SD-WAN Improves Security and Performance

SD-WAN allows you to easily manage LTE, MPLS, and internet connections, offering greater control over traffic based on network demands. This makes managing bandwidth efficient and automated while improving the reliability, scalability, adaptability and accessibility of cloud services, mobile networks and IoT devices. 

The right SD-WAN deployment also allows for a more secure internet connection by encrypting tunnels between every site in the SD-WAN network. You also benefit from the SSL security provided by a SaaS application like Cradlepoint.




Benefits of SD-WAN as a Managed Service

Boost performance and security by combining networks from multiple telcos and internet service providers into a single service. By implementing SD-WAN as a managed service, you can also avoid the hassle of managing multiple providers, contacts, service level agreements and reporting terms. Instead, you benefit from a network based on adaptive connectivity. 

Rather than needing a dedicated in-house team to carry out the governance, management and incident management of your SD-WAN, the managed network services team at imei can do it all for you. This eliminates the cost, time and resources required to manage complex SD-WANs while offering you control and flexibility so you can provision network capacity and easily and instantly upgrade and downgrade service levels to suit your business needs at the time.


Managed Network Services Increases Security

Orchestrating upgrades, patches and other optimisation efforts in your SD-WAN create potential security risks that can be minimised by resourcing this function and responsibility to an experienced managed service provider. This ensures updates are implemented on time and smoothly with no disruption to critical business functions. 

A managed services team also boosts your overall internal resources, allowing you to gain a deeper level of expertise. This maximises value and ensures all business processes that rely on internet connectivity are efficient and optimal. By adapting to network changes, you can respond to evolving cyber security threats by intelligently and securely directing traffic across the WAN while enabling reliable, fluid access to any resource across all devices and locations. This protects all applications, transactions and workflows on your network.


Experts in Cradlepoint Deployment

imei specialises in implementing and maintaining secure SD-WAN environments using leading enterprise technology solutions from Cradlepoint. Benefit from a platform that combines cloud management and software-defined modem technology with software-defined networking, cloud-controlled router endpoints and unified edge security.


Partner With imei for Your Managed Network Services

Solve WAN bandwidth limitations and improve network security by moving to an SD-WAN environment with a trusted managed service provider like imei. Our team has the technology and expertise to implement a cost-effective solution that takes your unique network needs into account with ongoing support so your IT teams can remain focused on strategic goals. Contact us today to learn more



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