SD-WAN a Key Enabler of the Adaptive Network

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It’s often said that a digital transformation is only as good as the network it’s built on. That’s because when transformation that enables ongoing flexibility can keep pace with rapidly changing business requirements. In this world, the Adaptive Network with software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) at its core is now indispensable for businesses of all types.

Legacy network environments built on generations of static infrastructure stitched together over time were not made to support today’s huge bandwidth demands and expectations for little to no latency. Old-school networks weren’t designed to put massive amounts of computation and storage closer to the end users and applications that rely on them. Networks of the past could not take advantage of Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies to manage resources in a closed-loop manner.


Adaptive Network for performance, resiliency, and security 

As companies adopt a cloud-first model, the challenge of extending the reach of security controls outside the perimeter of their legacy data centers grows more urgent. So, whereas a flexible and scalable network was once regarded as desirable but not critical, it is now viewed a fundamental requirement of digital business. With agility and flexibility outranking efficiency, companies that have the power to scale rapidly and add new sites and branches as needs and markets change are strongly positioned to excel. 

With dynamic, scalable, high-bandwidth connections and proactive security a fundamental business requirement, the emergence of the Telstra’s Adaptive Network capabilities supports a network strategy that can grow with your company as business needs change. Encompassing fibre, SD-WAN, and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technologies, Adaptive Networks span 4G/5G wireless access, managed data networks, and network solutions providers Cisco, VMWare and NBN Co. With Telstra Adaptive Networks, your network can be as agile as your business plan, letting you scale rapidly as your needs require.




Scalable and flexible high-bandwidth connectivity 

Using SD-WAN as an enabler, the Adaptive Network allows companies to be flexible in their operations and how they conduct business. SD-WAN can improve application performance to cloud services, support more resilient branch networking operations, and promote business continuity by dynamically adjusting to changing conditions. Other advantages include increased security, better disaster recovery, firewall capabilities and additional controls for segmentation to monitor network traffic. 

Delivered as a managed service from imei, Adaptive Network solutions come with advanced firewall protection and data encryption security features, supporting a zero trust network access approach for remote locations. In this way you ensure workers comply with the upgraded security posture.

Adaptive Networks unify cloud services, security, networking, and control, delivering connectivity that is easier to manage while underpinning the potential for rapid digital transformation. As a modern solution for provisioning and optimising distributed IT networks, the Adaptive Network enables companies to respond to ever-changing market conditions. It also serves modern businesses in providing employees with access to enterprise applications from anywhere, any place, in a secure and reliable manner. 

To learn more about leveraging Telstra Adaptive Networks with an imei managed service, get in touch with the managed services team at imei. We can guide you on products, changing bandwidths, or deploying other changes to your networks with minimal impact to your business. Services can be adjusted or replaced to facilitate new applications, delivering a network that can ultimately grow with you as your business needs and markets change.

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