imei support services are operating as normal during the COVID-19 health emergency

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imei is open and operating normally to support our customers and keep their workforces connected at this challenging time.

All our services are available and operating within SLAs.


If your organisation is readying staff to work remotely, imei can help with rapid mobile connectivity - imei can:

  • connect new mobile devices and provision additional services onto the Telstra network on the day of order;
  • provide user support services under a managed service; 
  • activate and manage TIPT UCaaS (cloud-based telephony) services quickly; and
  • provide information such as Working from Home Communications Checklist, available here.

Work from Home Communications Checklist


We do take the current situation seriously, and the health and well-being of our staff and any contact with other organisations is our top priority.


This is a short list of our actions:

  • imei staff are being directed to work from home, with essential staff for physical fulfillment requirements in our service centre
  • imei staff will have full functionality to support our customers from home – including secure access to systems and distributed multi-channel contact centre
  • imei’s contact number 1300 65 77 99, contact email, IM and chat systems are up and running; our customer portals are available 24/7
  • All our meetings will be held virtually – via video or voice conference. imei is configured to use most current popular technologies including: MS Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, GoToMeeting and WebEx


Click here to read a message on how Telstra is preparing for COVID-19 and the steps they are taking to minimise wherever possible any impacts. Telstra also recently released an article on what you need to know for your information.

Also see below a recent customer update from Telstra


We wish you and your organisations well at this strange time, and stand ready to help if you need us.

Work from Home Communications Checklist


A Customer Statement from Telstra:

Telstra’s Networks team is continuing to review infrastructure and consider a range of changing demand scenarios, as we work to optimise our network. We expect this unprecedented event and surge in network traffic to have an impact, however, we are confident our fixed services, particularly our Telstra Fibre services, have sufficient capacity to manage, although there may be times when the service is slower than usual. When working from home mobile device users should use their fixed broadband Wi-Fi connection where possible. 


Q & A about Telstra Networks and Services:

How are we dealing with new customer requests to increase bandwidth etc? Will we be able to fulfil these orders?  

We have put a team together to help prioritize and fast track customer requests and we expect an increased reliance on Telstra’s Fixed Data and Mobile networks and are planning for additional bandwidth demands.  


Can I upgrade my Telstra network quickly if required?   

Telstra Enterprise customers can make some service and network changes such as speed upgrades on selected IP and Internet products via the Your Telstra Tools or Telstra Connect Portal.  


What other network products could I easily spin up?  

Telstra Programmable Network also provides customers with opportunities to enjoy secure, flexible and on-demand connectivity to virtual network services around the globe and across Australia with automatic provisioning in minutes. Telstra Programmable Network gives you Network as a Service using a flexible one self-service, software-defined networking (SDN) platform.    


How quickly can Telstra increase capacity on NBN Fibre based services?   

We are in ongoing engagement with NBN Co as part of our day-to-day network capacity management for nbn related services. We regularly adjust our provisioning to adapt to changing customer demand and will continue to do so as the current situation develops.   


How will the network cope when we are all working from home?  

Telstra’s Network team is conducting a review of infrastructure to consider a range of scenarios and how we will manage the anticipated increase in demand. We expect this unprecedented event and surge in network traffic to have an impact however we are working to optimise our network and have a well-established business resilience program. We are confident our fixed broadband services, especially Telstra fibre services, have sufficient capacity or can be quickly optimised to manage a significant increase in network traffic, although depending on what eventuates there may be times when the service is slower than usual. When working from home mobile device users should use their fixed broadband Wi-Fi connection where possible.  


 Will Telstra’s internet network have sufficient capacity to support the anticipated increase in demand?   

We have strong and resilient networks that are designed to manage surges in demand. We have been planning for a range of scenarios and we are confident our networks can be optimised to manage a significant increase in network traffic as a result of people being at home, although depending on what eventuates there may be times when the service is slower than usual. 


What is adaptive infrastructure?  

Adaptive infrastructure enables the workforce to move outside of the organisation’s physical location at scale and ensures that there is enough connectivity to core systems to support the increased demand for secure remote access. Strategies that underpin a reliable adaptive infrastructure focus on:  

  • enabling staff with appropriate connectivity, tools and training to effectively communicate with each other and customers reliably    
  • how quickly infrastructure can scale up and back down as needs change over time  
  • having resilient network and access systems with an awareness of any critical points that exist  
  • remote connectivity performance across concurrent and overall data usage  
  • seamless authentication and authorisation of a remote workforce   
  • device management practices that enable people to work across their devices    
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