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Flexible working has become a cornerstone of the modern workplace. As an employer, providing employees with flexible work arrangements is critical to attracting and retaining the best talent. Of course, to underpin such flexibility you need collaboration and communication tools that ensure your people are never more than a tap or two away from connecting to other colleagues, clients, systems, data, and applications.


Smarter ways of working

These days, you need to equip your people to handle a constant flow of information and requests across multiple channels. And the only way to do this is to empower your people to work wherever they are, on whatever device they choose, over the secure communication channel they prefer.

For many organisations, this means a patchwork of mobile, data, collaboration, voice, video, messaging, and social technologies creating a landscape of poorly integrated applications and tools. In such an environment with so many moving parts come hidden costs and the need to interface a variety of equipment and then manage the associated suppliers.

At the same time, the proliferation of devices, apps and services also takes its toll on your IT department. Some employees just can’t resist downloading new communications apps and actively uploading confidential files and sharing critical data. This creates all sorts of problems particularly where your strict security controls cannot reach and where you cannot control permissions or guarantee security. As we mentioned in an earlier post, a data breach can be both devastating for your customers and employees, and costly for your organisation.


Disparate landscape of technologies

Of course, when you are managing a disparate landscape of technologies and equipment, the implications of a communication network failure can also be costly, and frustrating too when you’re managing multiple technology vendors. As you try to establish the cause of the failure and whose responsibility it is to resolve the issue, in the business, teamwork breaks down, communication and collaboration suffers, and productivity slides.

At imei, we can help you overcome such scenarios by simplifying complex communication environments through a combination of technology integration, managed services and exceptional customer service. With our unified communications expertise, you can transform how quickly and efficiently your people can share information across the business.

For example, giving your people access to files stored in a secure cloud that everyone in the team can access, means working on shared documents is simpler and faster than ever.

In addition, by providing the right app for simple chat and calling, employees can stay in touch while away from their desk, and quickly find colleagues, start a voice or video call, and share files and screens. 


Simplifying complex communication environments

With our proven track record in both mobile management and unified communications, in one move, we can help you take advantage of nimble communications and collaboration tools to achieve greater efficiencies across your business and realise significant savings.

When so much of your time is spent communicating with colleagues, customers, and suppliers, improving the efficiency of how you communicate will have an impact on your competitive advantage.

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