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imei has proudly supported the efforts of the Harding Miller Education Foundation to open up education opportunities for girls and young women.  As the Foundation begins its recruiting drive for scholarship candidates for 2020, this week’s imei blog is dedicated to the Harding Miller Foundation.


‘If you want to change a nation, to change our planet, educate a girl.’ – Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, 2015.

Opportunity to continue schooling to Year 12 can be the key to a lifetime of learning for girls.

But for some girls, the chance to continue their schooling may not be an option due to family disadvantage and the pressure of financial expectations. Dropping out of school before they complete Year 12 effectively ends their formal education.


Continuing education for career opportunities

Educators recognise that continuing their education does make a difference to future career opportunities and access to higher education. Girls who opt out of school leave at a disadvantage that continues to impact their future.

With a scholarship as financial assistance, girls who are financially disadvantaged and who would like to continue their secondary schooling now have the prospect of being able to continue their education. With extra tutoring and top-class equipment, girls can be prepared for their potential to succeed in a chosen career.


Education scholarships for 2020

To provide this opportunity for financially disadvantaged girls, the Harding Miller Education Foundation is offering scholarships for eligible girls in public secondary schools. Now accepting applications for 2020, this Australian education foundation focuses on financial hardship and learning potential. Scholarships are valued at $20,000 over four years.

‘We know that girls in economically disadvantaged families don’t have access to the equipment, resources and services that girls from better off families have,’ says Melinda Zanello, National Marketing and Philanthropy Manager for the Harding Miller Education Foundation.

‘We’re giving scholarship recipients what they need to succeed. The scholarships include computers, internet access, money for other equipment and access to tutoring and mentoring to make their final years of schooling a success.’


Girls graduate to a successful future

In 2019, the Harding Miller Education Foundation provided scholarships for 68 girls schools across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. With support of the foundation, the girls are continuing study with the benefit of homework help, personalised coaching as well as assistance with school expenses and equipment. 2019 will see the first class of graduates who started on the program in 2016.


Practical support for girls’ education

Since 2016, the Foundation has supported over 350 girls from more than 130 public schools within Australia. Specifically for girls studying between Y9-Y12, the scholarships provide support for the critical final years of secondary schooling.

 ‘We have seen first-hand the impact these scholarships have had on the girls.’ Says Melinda.  ‘They have confidence and a vision for the future, knowing they can achieve at their highest potential.’


Scholarships change lives

With a vision focused on education, the Foundation is dedicated to changing the lives of high potential Australian girls who are experiencing economic disadvantage. Their mission is to enable visible, successful, recognised and confident women and girls by offering access to high quality equipment, resources and support to enable them to reach their full educational potential.


Toolkit for academic excellence

Scholarships are provided as a ‘toolkit’ that students can use to support their pursuit of academic excellence. Successful applicants initially receive 2 years’ support with:

  • High quality laptop and help desk support
  • 4G mobile broadband including 6GB internet per month
  • $2,000 of ‘face-to-face’ tutoring per year
  • Subscription to an online study help provider
  • $600 gift card for school expenses per year
  • Mentoring from a personal coach.

Students are matched with a supportive adult who volunteers as a coach to work with them, mentoring their academic progress and career aspirations. Mentors are experienced educators who know how to maximise the benefit of the scholarship tools.


Girls can apply now

Scholarships are open to girls who are entering Year 9 in 2020 at an Australian Public School and who are experiencing personal or socioeconomic disadvantage.

Applicants require a recommendation from their School Principal. They need to show high academic potential and demonstrated motivation to achieve academically and professionally, including an intention to carry on to tertiary education.

An interest in extracurricular, community or leadership activities will be considered favourably. An applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.


Selection by education experts

Selection is made by a board of experts who review and approve each application to ensure that they meet the selection criteria.


Applications for scholarships for 2020 open from 22 July 2019 to 31 August 2019.

Visit the website for more information on how to apply for a scholarship.


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