The Benefits of Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

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As remote working becomes increasingly popular, it becomes crucial to effectively manage the fleet of mobile devices within your team. When a business partners with a mobile device lifecycle management service, this reduces the burden placed on IT departments, as configuration, software updates, security, procurement and disposal are all under one system. In a team where everyone is dependent on a mobile device or computer, maximising functionality and productivity is essential to business success, and this can be better achieved through mobile device management.


Advantages of Mobile Device Lifecycle Management 

It is now possible to work with a mobile device lifecycle management (MDLM) system that simplifies the entire process, keeping track of your company’s devices from start to end. Such systems are highly advantageous for remote teams, as they cover:

  • Procuring the fleet of mobile devices for the team
  • Delivering devices to employees
  • Creating user accounts and configuring security settings
  • Troubleshooting and repairing used devices
  • Retirement and responsible e-waste processes to promote sustainability 

Throughout the lifecycle of a mobile device, an effective management system can help to reduce business expenses. In addition, inventory is better managed, old devices are disposed of sustainably, new employees are equipped with the correct devices to begin working and the end-to-end lifecycle is better managed. 


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How it can Help Your Business

A mobile device management solution offers an array of benefits to companies: streamlining operations and reducing costs when it comes to managing devices over a long period of time. With factors such as logistics, shipping, procurement and insurance all managed under one system, time and resources can be directed elsewhere and productivity bolstered through optimally functioning devices. Further benefits include better management of IT inventory, disposal of unused devices and a reduction in new purchases, as well as making hardware purchases and storage costs more predictive. Working with a MDLM system enables companies to operate more sustainably and efficiently when it comes to employee devices. Whether your company is constantly facing security issues, has an overflowing IT closet, or is delayed by device delivery to new employees, investing in such a system can be highly advantageous.


The Role of imei

imei mobile management offers support to businesses, helping to keep their people connected. Managing a large number of devices can be complex and costly, not to mention time consuming. imei experts develop effective systems for keeping track of your mobile device fleet. With lifecycle management, training and proprietary systems, the team at imei can help you increase productivity with professionally managed device lifecycles. Partner with our team to take the complexity out of managing company-wide devices.

To learn more about mobile device management and how it can benefit your team, contact us.


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